Photo by Jane Feldman

Photo by Jane Feldman


Our Mission:
To share the deep knowledge of the wisdom keepers gathered from ancient sources throughout the world. This teaching offers hope, tools for healing, empowerment and a reminder of our interconnected world.

‘We are all together, One family.’
Our Message:
Our message is one of healing the sense of separation, fear and division between nationalities, religions and races. This is a time that was prophesized by a great many ancient traditions, as was the healing and  opening that is coming through the travel and teaching of the Elders of the Indigenous traditions. 

Our goals are simple; Peace, Wellness and Equality:

1. Sharing a message of equality, wellness from within, and inter-connectedness as one living world.
2. Encourage and educate individuals to learn the Ancient and Indigenous Healing Practices that have been successful over the centuries, and use them in their day to day lifestyle.
3. Assisting and empowering those who are troubled to live to their potential and fulfill their dreams within a community of their choosing.

The Foundation supports projects and other organizations that are in alignment with its true purpose.
The Beginning – Ancient Medicine

The Art of Healing Foundation was formed in 2009, our 501.c3 status was initiated out of the need for Global Healing. The AOH originally dedicated itself to promote research and provide training and instruction in the wisdom of the authentic ancient schools, particularly as such wisdom pertains to spiritual healing. 
We have expanded. The AOHF travels into places of great need, offering access to healing to anyone seeking it.  We offer healing ceremony and a group healing ritual, as well as other activities and programs wherein members of the AOHF promote healing and consolation to the infirm, the ill, and the dying.
More Recently – our three goals:
1. Sacred Journeys
The Sacred Journeys of the Indigenous Grandmothers, came from the ancestral awakening of the Elder Prophecies. The grandmothers come from many nations throughout the globe, Hopi, Mayan, Maori, Sufi and Ojibwe. The manifestation of these journeys started with each individual grandmother. The meetings of one another happened through unexpected situations. The conversations were like puzzle pieces that seemed to fit.  As the Hopi vision revealed; “When the Grandmothers speak, the world will begin to heal.” The Ojibwe Nation offers the “Wisdom Teachings of the We; mind, body and spirit awakening.” The Mayan teachings offer knowledge of the importance of the Seed Temple and healing. From the Maori comes the oneness within, peace and understanding. From the Sufi healing practices comes balance and the richness of a fully awakened Self, of self empowerment.
Our grandmothers share their ancestral teachings with audiences throughout the globe that are living in disparities. Their teachings are experienced by thousands, such as the 10,000 people who appended the Parliament  of the World Religions in Utah 2015.   Invitations have brought them to the opening prayer services at the World Largest Climate March in New York City 2014.
Invitations keep coming.  The series of journeys  has reached to the far corners of the globe, New Zealand, the Southwest areas of the United States and now to Germany and Holland and New York.  Many ask about the content of these journeys and the reply always seems to be the same; the need echoes to the vibrations of the grandmothers  and the answers are arise from deep experience. Our belief is; “we are there to empower the individual with what they already have inside them, we hold mirrors for an individual to witness and except their own hidden strengths.
2. Medicine/Ancient Healing Practices
The goal of the Foundation is to awaken and support the development of one's proven ability to heal oneself from the inside out. 
The Foundation incorporates specific teachings on both inner healing and self-development from ancient and modern traditions.  Some of these teachings have been carefully adapted to today's modern language and culture without losing any of their original power and effectiveness.  Others are offered as they have been done throughout the millennea. The Foundation supports other projects and organizations that are in alignment with its true purpose.
3. Empowerment and Support
The Art of Healing Foundation provides resources, through its members and donations, to offer essential resources to those in need, help troubled youth, provide for the ill and infirm, and support those maintaining wellness from alcohol and other substances.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Who we are
We are wisdom keepers, Elders, Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers (these are titles) from various nations and traditions: Hopi, Maori, Mayan, Sufi and Ojibwe. Grandfathers and also Healers. Amidst this time of separation we come together with a message of oneness and our interconnection.
Our Tools
We work through the use of songs, guided meditations, teaching stories, chants, healing practices and sacred ceremony to restore balance and remembrance. These tools provide healing to the fractured places in the psyche of mankind, and also guidance, support and instructions for personal empowerment.
We share with the people we meet, and also plan to make available audio and video formats of our diverse teachings.
We provide a pathway that promotes communication for marginalized groups. This way of peaceful coexistence opens a path to the healing of the soul of everyone. Individuals are inspired to change their lives. They open to communication on deeper levels.  
We find that people are looking for their elders, the grandparent energy, to be nourished, loved and to be seen for who they are. There is a great need for people to find a place where they can feel safe and perfect just as they are. The need for healing the wounds of historical trauma is evident not only in individuals but in nations and in the land. The simple but profound ancient wisdom that we bring addresses that need.
There are seeds of great potential out in the universe.  In each of us there are seeds of wholeness and they need to be germinated.  The wisdom we are sharing, gathered from that which was considered ‘secret and sacred’ for thousands of years, awakens and germinates these seeds so that each individual can come into their perfect nature.