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Our goals are simple; Peace, Wellness and Equality:
1. Sharing a message of equality, wellness from within, and interconnectedness as one living world.
2. Encourage and educate individuals to learn the Ancient and Indigenous Healing Practices that have been successful over the centuries, and use them in their day to day lifestyle.
3. Assisting and empowering those who are troubled to live to their potential and fulfill their dreams within a community of their choosing.

We welcome whatever gift you can make...

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Donate to the Grandmother Fall Travels

The main goal is to cultivate the awakening of our innate healing capacity. Your generosity shares in the achievement of this goal and all contributions are tax deductible.

Please give your contribution to help the Grandmother Journeys this fall.  

From the Grandmothers:

A new way of being is emerging. We are stepping forward. With us come our ancestors, future generations, and Mother Earth. Now is the time to gather and act. We are wisdom keepers, Grandmothers, and Great-Grandmothers from various nations and traditions: Hopi, Maori, Ojibwe, Sufi, and Mayan. We are calling all the others who witness and feel this need. Come be with us, help us. We walk together toward balance, in kindness and conscience, one human family.

Grandmothers Rose Pere, Moetu Taiha, Flordemayo, Eila Paul, Pershlie Ami, Mary Lyons, Devi Tide

Thank you.

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